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Click here to read more about designing Tequila Sunrise.

Susan, March 2009: I’ve been quilting for 15 years but come from a line of quilters dating back to the 1800’s. Like lots of folks I started when I needed a baby gift and got hooked. Now I am heavily into fabric dyeing with two other members of this project. I teach EQ classes for my guild. I love redesigning old quilts, especially red and green appliqué and enjoy hand appliqué and hand quilting.

My husband and I ended up in Florida after cruising around the Caribbean for several years where quilting was relegated to only a dream. The first step when back on dry land was to buy a new sewing machine and audition guilds. I’m the past treasurer and current member of the year (cool, huh!) of the Friendship Knot Quilters’ Guild in Sarasota, FL. One of my appliqué group is the “mathematical quilter” ( and I have dyed many fabrics for her designs. Since getting to know her, the concept of quilts based on geometric formulas has intrigued me and this project provides a wonderful way for me to explore this in my own style. I’m excited to be included!


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