Susan’s earlier spiral quilt, Winged Water, is in Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.

Susan:  Here is my latest try at a mandala quilt.  I colored in the parts that make the diamond in the center. I also colored in two wedges to make a secondary design. I need to play with different colorways to see what works after you have critiqued it.

Susan  H drawing 2  Susan H drawing 2 closup wedge  Susan H drawing 2 closup wedge marcup

RaNae:  Susan, I’m so glad to see you hanging in there — and stretching beyond your comfort zone.  This design is well-drawn.  There is T-joint (circled in red) but if you color the flow forms in a way that hides it, it won’t interrupt your design.

In this design, as in the previous sketches you sent me, you’re clinging to the idea of straight-sided diamonds.  And the whole point of the spiral designs and the flow forms is to not to have straight lines.  Before you settle on your final coloring, would you please show me at least one coloring of this design that has no straight lines in it?   (By the way, I don’t see the colored-in wedges you mentioned.  Did you mean colored-in triangles?)  After you’ve colored it a couple of different ways to explore the possibilities of the flow forms, then you can settle on a coloring and move ahead.


2 Responses to “Designing An Amazing Army of Frogs

  1. Susan Harmon Says:

    Greetings fellow Spiromaniacs! I am really excited to start on this project. I am a middle school Technology and Science teacher. I have shown my quilts to my students to introduce them to a great way to express their artistic side. I look forward to learning about your artistic ideas and how you interpret the Mandala.

  2. sharmon07 Says:

    I should have used a different term than wedge. I was referring to the red area in the mandala. Yes, I saw the T-joint area. I planned to use color placement to disguise that issue. The wedge by itself has only 4 triangles. I wanted to keep the mandala simple because of the time factor.

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