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Pacific International Quilt Festival, juried entry, October 2010

Click here to read more about designing Flutter by the Garden.

Susan, March 2009:  Hi everyone! My name is Susan Arnold, and I live in Northern California. I’ve seriously quilted about 1-1/2 years, and made a few before that when I had no idea what I was doing!!! But they still turned out okay! Of course, I’m still learning, and really looking forward to this spiromaniacs lab. Hope to learn and grow with this adventure!


2 Responses to “Susan Arnold: Flutter by the Garden

  1. kerrydi H Says:

    Congratulations on being accepted into PIQF. I got mine in too and am so thrilled. It is fun to be a first timer. Won’t see my quilt or yours until Sat. as I am in classes everyday until Sat. am. I have a Sat. pm class. Do you know where your quilt is to be hung? Mine said, Wall so will look for it on the walls. Good luck, your quilt is beautiful.


  2. Elise Says:

    Hi Susan,
    I’ve only very recently got into quilting, and discovered the joy of spiral mandala designs! I am trying to recreate your quilt (with some colour changes in order to make it look like old men of the forest!), but as a beginner, I’m having trouble figuring it out. Is there any way that I can trouble you for the details of your pattern (measurements, etc), so that I can keep practicing and learning? I’m Australian and based in the UK, so the internet and RaNae’s books have been my teachers so far (in fact, it was pg 64 of the book that lead me to look your quilt up online!).
    It is an absolutely stunning design – really interesting and versatile. And as much as I know it’s more than I should start with for learning, I cannot abide the idea of having to wait to give it a go!
    Kind regards in admiration,

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