Ruty 6-18-09:  If I want to start the frame quilt in a couple of weeks I need to think about fabric now – I order most of my fabric online, and shipping takes a while, so I did some thinking – I’d appreciate feedback.

Ruth S frame 0618-1-400

The frame is going to be a MIRROR (the inside is the mirror, the spirals are the frame).  For the inside I’ll look for something that looks like actual mirror glass (shiny silver -satin of something more fancy, perhaps Angelina – never used it – I’m not sure if it will work – I prefer something you can iron – do you have suggestions?)

RaNae:  Why not use an actual mirror? Here’s what you would do: Cut 2 layers of thin wood or heavy cardboard to the shape of the outside and cut out the shape of the mirror in the middle.  The second one should have the opening about 1/2″ in diameter larger than the first one.  Cover the first one with batting, then stretch the pieced front over it and secure the edges to the back of the wood/cardboard  with super-tacky glue or staples.  Glue the second wood/cardboard over it.  Place the mirror in the opening of the second piece and use additional strips of wood/cardboard, or those little metal things that they use on the back of picture frames, to hold the mirror in place.  Hang it in your front hall where everyone who comes in and out of your house can see themselves in your wonderful art and feel wonderful about themselves and you!

Ruth: Size – the inner circle is plain, so it should not be too big. I think the frame size shouldn’t be more than 24″ – total quilt w. borders about 30″. The design it pretty easy with only 8 wedges – each with 2 segments on the wide side, so its not too small to sew.

Color – I am satisfied with the current color scheme but I’m still thinking about the inside pieces next to the “mirror” I chose the lightest to the reds from the outside spiral to tie things together – but I’m not sure – any ideas?. 

RaNae: You might split this up in the style of a single spoke of a spiral, and use two or three of the red colors.  If you go from light at the center to dark toward the outside, then it will help the eye pick up the reds that go from from dark to light at the outside edge.

Ruth: The borders will be variation on on of the spiral colors (the yellows for now)- I would like the whole thing to look like a fancy framed mirror.  Any other comment or suggestion? 

RaNae: You’ve got my two cents’ worth now.  I look forward to seeing your progress!

Ruth 6-20-09:  RaNae, Thanks for your comments. I’ll try to divide the inner pieces and see how it looks. I thought about a real mirror myself, but went off it because of practical issues such as weight, breakage and transportability, cleaning etc. Maybe I could use a piece of shiny aluminum or Nirosta – at least they wouldn’t break. I’ll also take a trip to our “fabric district” and look for party/prom/wedding fabric, maybe I’ll find something.  Any comments about the size?

RaNae: Ruth, you seem to have a handle on this project.  As for size, I don’t have a preference — just do whatever fits how/where you want to use it.  Remember that no matter how large it is in real life, it won’t be more than 8″ x 10″ on the page of a book.  Spiral on!

Ruth 7-22-09:  Here is my mirror. It is a small quilt – only 24″, but I like it. I finally decided to use glossy fabric and not a real mirror (I am a coward). The name of the quilt is “Fairest of us all”, and just in case someone doesn’t get it – the back provides a very thick hint.

Ruth S fairest of us all 002--400

Ruth S fairest of us all-2 004  Ruth S fairest of us all 008-2-400

RaNae: Ruth, it’s lovely!  And where did you get the princess panel?!  And does it talk back to you???  🙂


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