Rhonda made the one of the very first mandala quilts — Magnificent Mandalai — which ended up on the cover of my first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.

Rhonda 8-18-09:  Here are some possibilities.  I’ll be anxious for your honest/constructive thoughts on this round in hopes I’m close to the drafting stage, only time will tell when you’ve weighed in. [Click on images for larger view]

rhonda A Island _4  Rhonda A _1  Rhonda A _2  Rhonda A _4  Rhonda A _5  Rhonda A _7

Rhonda A _3 (1&2)  Rhonda A _6

RaNae:  I think the last two are your best.  The one on the left, with the two alternating wedges, has both symmetry and variety.  In both of them, I like the center that seems to be a cut-off tube with the star coming out of it.  In all these designs, but particularly in these bottom two, you have a wealth of opportunities for dimensional effects — both in terms of using gradation to make the flow forms seem 3-dimensional, and by coloring flow forms so that they seem to weave over and under each other.


2 Responses to “Designing Bliss

  1. Linda Cooper Says:

    Hi Returning Spiros,
    I’m looking forward to another whirlwind ride!

  2. Priscilla in VT Says:

    I just returned from a day at MQX in Manchester, VT. What a pleasant surprise I had when I saw your Majestic Mandalai in the exhibit! It looked great! I told my friends – “Look that’s in my Spiral Quilts book. I know her. (Well not exactly, but I feel that I know you from our group here.) Good job!

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