Mary is a prior Spiromaniac — she made Tropicale for my first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.  In fact, Tropicale was one of the first two spiral mandala quilts.

Mary 3-31-09: I started doodling and am sending two for your comments. I couldn’t find the sizing regulations so hope this doesn’t give you heartburn. John is in Hong Kong for the week so I was forced to learn to scan these in for myself. Your California trip sounded wonderful. What adrenaline. Looking forward to this next journey.

mary-r-mandala-c005-markup  mary-r-mandala-g004-markup

RaNae:  Mary, both your designs are really beautiful — you’ve caught on quickly to the concepts of dividing the wedge in unexpected ways and playing with the proportions of your shapes and the spirals within them. 

The red marks I’ve added to the sketch are to call your attention to two places where you have the T-joints.  I’ve pointed out similar areas in Debra Nance’s and Susan Ott’s sketches.  These areas are likely to produce a straight line in your design.  As long as you do it by choice and it is an integral and deliberate part of the design, fine.  If it’s an accident, and you don’t like what happens in that area, then you might want to make a change in these areas.  If you read my comments to Debra and Susan, you’ll get a bit more perspective on this.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you place color in these designs!

Mary’s Progres 5-3-09:  Mary was at the NYC workshop this past weekend.  Here is her working sketch of the design she decided on, which we all started calling “Venetian Glass.” 

mary-r-venetian-glass-sm1It uses two wedges (see the black lines) which are the same except that in one the outer spiral spins clockwise and in the other the outer spiral spins counterclockwise.   Mary put the two wedges together and then set them in mirrored compound symmetry.  Other variations in the design are simply the result of coloring different sections differently.

We were able to get the wedge drafted, and in the process Mary learned a lot about when to use Nesting spirals and when to use Pinwheel spirals in your structure.

 Mary 5-26-09:  Attached are two photos. One of the mandala and one of the beginnings of fabric selection.

Mary R Mandala1   Mary R Mandala3

The center will be corals, then greens, then light, then burgundies, and the purple is more blue/purple. It looks like there’s a black line through the center of the various fans. It won’t be black, just the darkest shade of the fabric gradations. I haven’t finalized the fabrics for the yellow sections and the white “s-curves” and moustaches that form a ring around the middle. I’m thinking of leaving the middle ring light – perhaps cream and gold, little bit of lame, but at the same time striking. The outside yellow spaces – I’ve been calling them “lemon drops” – I’m going to play with mirrors with the floral fabric and see what happens to bring in some energy. I want them to be bright and happy. I’m considering having the fans at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock seem to connect to the inner light ring somehow. I’m going to play with this. The outside edge arcs will fade into the cream background which I think will accentuate the different outside shape.  I’m getting the templates to be exact then will do a mock up with the fabrics.  Let me know what you think. Does it look like it’s shaping up?

RaNae:  Mary, it’s exciting to see this coming together, and I love the colors.  I notice that you changed the coloring from the sketch…are you still going to “stripe” the purple spokes?  I really loved the energy that they infused into the design as you sketched it above.

Mary 8-11-09:  Attaching two photos of spiral 2. One is the mock up of one wedge (which I am tweaking a bit as I go along), the second is what I have sewn so far laid on top of the original colored drawing.

Mary R Mandala progress 2  Mary R Mandala progress 1

RaNae:  Mary, thanks for the update — it’s exciting to see this coming to life!


3 Responses to “Designing October Glory

  1. Holly W Says:

    Hi Mary,
    It was great meeting you in NY. Your design is wonderful, and lucky you, it’s drafted. Have you picked out your fabrics?
    I shopped at Zooks, a wonderful place, great prices with a 10% discount also. I bought so much there I didn’t dare go to another store. Thanks for the suggestion.
    My oval quilt is about done. Have to hand sew the binding and put a label on yet.

    • maryreddington Says:

      Didn’t think about coming here to see if you had written. Just wrote a post on your page. NYC was wonderful all around, workshop, meeting everyone, outings. No, I haven’t done a thing since being in NY. Colors are floating in my head though. So glad you got to Zooks. Next time – other stores! CAn’t wait to see the oval with the border. Hope it came out like you planned. Mary

  2. Holly W Says:

    Hi Mary, I’ve been wondering how you are coming with your design, fabric selection etc. I think you should ‘stripe the spokes’ too like RaNae mentioned. It’ll be fun to see yours in fabric. what a difference it makes, I think because for one thing the centers add to the design. Surprises.
    I have 8 more shapes left on my Zebra quilt, then need to think about the border.

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