Linda 4-13-09:  I have been playing with more designs and came up with this mandala. First, I drew the five sided spiral and saw wings in the design. After playing with it more, I created 3 birds coming out of the circle. I think the spirals that are not birds would be clouds done in blues and whites. Still playing with it. Hopefully I can do two mandalas this summer.

Linda M bird mandala

RaNae: Linda, another stunning design.  I love the way you have used symmetry in this design too.  You’ve got a real gift for this!

Linda 5-21-09:  I have worked some more on the bird design. I was having trouble with the one bird facing out and the other two facing in. I couldn’t come up with a background design and coloring that I liked. So I changed my design and put a flower in the center with all three birds facing into the flower. This is the mandala.

Linda M bird mandala 2

RaNae: Linda, I have to confess that in the last version I couldn’t see the birds you were talking about, but I see them now!

Linda 8-4-09:  I thought I would send you a picture showing the progress on my second mandala. 6 of the 10 wedges are done. [Click image for larger view]

Linda M bird mandala progress 2

I wanted to separate the mandala from the background by a ring of blue so I added some non-spiral pieces to the edges. (R: Notice Rusty, her 6-month-old helper in the corner, upstaging the quilt…how cute is HE!!!!)

I have redesigned this several times. I couldn’t make up my mind about the two wedges which are not birds.  The background is a pretty bird of paradise print but it is all chopped up in this picture. It won’t look like this in the real quilt. I am working on the two non-bird bodies today. Then I need to piece the borders and put it all together. Some of the names I have thought of for this quilt are: Blue Birds of Paradise, Feeding time in the nest (mother bird & two babies), Learning to fly. Do you have any suggestions? 

RaNae: Linda, the quilt is beautiful (no surprise) and as for a name, I find that my quils usually tell me their names somewhere along the way.  I like Blue Birds of Paradise — the twist on “blue bird of happiness” and “bird of paradise”.  And it tells the viewers what to look for . . . this design may be like that “is it a vase or is it two people facing each other?” drawings.


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