Linda’s previous spiral quilt My Bloomin’ Spiral is in Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.

Linda’s Progress 5-3-09:  Here’s the design Linda worked up at the NYC workshop.  See how well the mirrors help to show what the finished mandala will look like?


 Linda 7-20-09: Sorry it’s taken me so long– the summer has been packed with have-to-do things.  Mary came over (THANKS, Mary!!) and got my brain into spiralese again.  [Click on the images for a larger view]

Linda C spiral pattern  Linda C wedge

I’m back to the flower idea we had in NY. [R: Linda loves flowers!]  I know this isn’t super pretty to look at right now, but I wanted to make sure I haven’t done any big no-no’s before I clean it up.

There’s a star shape in the center and the flower has morphed into a lily. I think as I progress there’ll be more empty space between the tip of the lily and the border. My border is a bit goofy in the big pattern,but I like the wedge where there’s a purple scallop up and then a trunk and then a purple shape down. (I’ll repeat that all around.)  Any and all suggestions are welcome!

RaNae: Linda, I’m glad to see you making progress!  It’s really interesting to see how you have colored the lily spiral in a way that combines two spokes to make a “loopy” petal for your lily.

As far as the border goes, I would probably place one of the purple scallops right above each lily as you go around the edge, then work out the trunks in between to fit.  Spiral on!

Linda 8-16-09:  I picked out fabrics for the lily and the leaves and my background is a plummy very dark batik.  [Click image for larger view]

Linda C quarter circleTo check which background worked, I traced a quarter wedge without the outside trim on a piece of vinyl and glue-stuck my cut out fabrics in place. Then I tried it out on lots of backgrounds to see what I liked. Any suggestions are appreciated for the fabric choices.

RaNae:  Linda, this is beautiful.  I think that probably the photograph doesn’t really show the background color as well as it might.  My one thought is that you might want just a little bit of a third color somewhere in the flower as an accent — perhaps a bit of orange in the stamen?

Linda 9-14-09: Here’s my finished mandala. I hope to get it appliqued onto the background while I’m in Nebraska.

Linda C DSC02016

RaNae: The lilies are looking great. I seem to remember you talking about a “plummy” background. Is it just the light in the photograph that makes it look brown and gold? Whatever color it is, I’m loving how the composition is coming together.


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