RaNae 5-23-09:  Finally putting up this photo of Kerry’s draft from the CA workshop at the end of March.  (I forgot my camera, and Jamie sent this one along).

Kerry's draftKerry was inspired by a Celtic tri-lobe design.  She’ll have three large Baravelle’s with narrower wedges separating them.  We’re anxious to see how it’s coming along, Kerry!


2 Responses to “Designing Gemini Rose

  1. kerrydi H Says:

    My name is Kerry and I have been quilting since 1997 and have been teaching quilting since 1999 at The Cotton Patch. I dabble in traditional and contemporary quilts. I enjoy both and find that I like contemporary quilts that are a twist from a traditional quilt best.

    Valerie Yeaton has been my teacher for all these years and a true friend. We have spent many hours together quilting, working, and eating. Our mini group loves food. We are all on a diet but I’m not sure what you would call it. Valerie suggested I apply for this project and here I am. I’m looking forward to a new experience.

    I also want to wish RaNae lots of luck in getting this organized. Just the emails alone are mind boggling.

    I need deadlines when I work so I am hoping we get some when we get together in California.


  2. Jim Hahn Says:

    Hi Kerry, I’m back in the legal business as a corporate trainer. The shop is still in the same place and carries approximately the same fabrics. I’m on very good terms with the owner, my former employee.

    I met RaNae after Quilt Market in 2005. I ordered her entire line of radiant fabric which was perfect for my shop. My customers, by and large, loved bright fabric. I found out that she was heading to Walnut Creek to see her parents before they relocated.

    She came to the shop and taught a class on how to use the fabric, and made the star which became the pillow in my pictures. I got reconnected with her when I found her book on Amazon by accident and I signed up on her website.

    I’m really looking forward to this project. I have a binder full of kaleidoscope samples.


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