Like several others here on the blog, Jill is a second-time-around Spiromaniac.  Her quilt Brightly Churned is in my first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts.

Jill 5-25-09:  So—I’ve been fooling around with designing something and I keep coming back to an image that is on a stained glass window in the church in the parish next to mine.

Jill K 052509This picture is meant to reference Pentecost–the tongues of flames–with a dove off-center in the image. All of the individual spirals are either 3 or 4 sided–and the color scheme is meant to look like flames. The joins of the spirals will be dark radiating into the centers of the spirals being lighter(red/orange/yellow)–my coloring is not the greatest on the picture . I also see a couple of spirals spinning the wrong way—ignore that.

I have to experiment with size and scale–

I’m thinking that the larger spirals on the bottom might be too large–and I’ll have to figure out something in there. Also, I’ll have to strive to make the dove look like a dove–and not a pigeon–and maybe I want it to venture into the edge(s) of some of the inner spirals. The off-center focal point will not be spirals–but will be red with the dove machine appliqued on.  What are your thoughts?

RaNae:  I spoke with Jill by phone the night that she sent me this, so this is a short recap of our conversation.  There are some good things and some less workable things about this design. 

What works: the concept of a dove and flames, and the off-center arrangment.  Jill is working in a wedge format that is consistent with the techniques for the book.

What doesn’t work:  The majority of the shapes are squares, so there is little variety in proportion to give motion and interest to the design.  The coloring emphasizes the sides of the shapes, not the flow forms (here I refered Jill to Dianna Kihs’ page, because she was doing the same thing).  And there is not enough contrast in color to differentiate flow forms from each other.  I encouraged Jill to develop the concept further, working with more differences in proportion and color, and focusing on the flow forms, which will actually create even more flame-like forms in her design.

Jill 5-28-09:  Here’s progress — her shorthand sketch and the mandala skeleton of divided wedges.  [Jill came up with the term “skeleton” for the divided wedges and mandala.  Thank you, Jill!]

Jill K 052809flowforms  Jill K 052809skeleton

RaNae: Jill these look good.  You will probably find as you draft the actual spirals in your shapes that the spokes of the spirals are even more curvy and flame-like than what you drew in shorthand.  Keep us updated on your progress!

Jill 7-22-09:  I finished this about a week ago–but just didn’t get around to taking pictures. It has not been blocked yet–so it is hanging a little bit wonky. Blocking it should flatten it out. I’m calling it Acts 2:3.

Jill K fullshot

Jill K doveRaNae:  Jill, I can’t believe you waited a whole week to show this off — it’s beautiful!  I love that it’s off-center and asymmetrical, yet there is still an underlying sense of symmetry in it.  Good work!


5 Responses to “Designing Acts 2:3

  1. jillkerekes4 Says:

    Hi Ranae,

    The pix that I sent are of the spiral skeleton and the rough flow forms. Ignore the center stuff in the skeleton–only pay attention to the red lines for the spirals. The flow forms are rough–I know–I started to get a little giddy by that point. I treated the bottom three 4-sided spirals in the ‘skeleton’ as 5 sided spirals in the flowforms—pentagons make better flames I think. I also completely gave up on coloring 🙂 my drawings. My thought is to use lots of reddish browns, reds, reddish oranges, a LITTLE orange:), orange/yellows and a bit of yellow. I may now have a great excuse for a pilgrimage to Lancaster.

    What are your thoughts?


  2. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Love it, can’t wait to see the colorings.

  3. Holly W Says:

    Jill, this is beautiful. The Pentecost theme design is unique, love the dove, it’s really wonderful.

  4. maryreddington Says:

    Jill, Thank you for making something so breathtaking. It has such power,depth and feeling. One could look at it for a good long time and still be moved by it.
    Mary Reddington

  5. Carrie Knoll Says:

    Jill I love love love your design. I purchased the Mandala Quilt book and cd that your quilt was fettered in but there was no specific patten for your design. I and a relatively new quilter. I have only made one round quilt with stratas cut into wedges. I am curious if you have a specific pattern for yours that you sell. I would like to make this for our retiring pastor.

    Thanks so much


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