Holly: Oval thoughts – one night I was thinking about putting 4 ovals, all different or all the same in circle as an X, and between them draw some triangle sprials. The whole thing would be a circular mandala, with oval ones inside. Would this be labor intensive? 

Holly, 3-31-09, more:  The Crystal Chandlier – love that song, and thot of ovals hanging like a chandlier.

Contemporary ovals – have 3 or 4 ovals, each on it’s own rectangular background, and I can’t explain what I’m thinking. If you want to check my quilt blog, www.RedBanana.TypePad.com/quilts, I just finished a quilt where the rect. panels are different, up, down. Ha. I can’t think of how to say this.

Anyway, I like ovals, but also the round.



Of all the sketches you’ve done (and you’ve done quite a few!) the ones that jump out at me are Zebras, the other one in the post with Zebras, and the oval on the right here below.  You have a lot to choose from!

Holly 4-7-09:   I’m attaching a pic of 2 triangles done, and a 3rd in progress. I guess they look okay. Maybe you don’t need to see this. I just need to get in a rhythm of sewing these, writing notes to myself on procedure. A1 PS, then A2, this one over that, this one under.  I purchased a clover mini iron recently and it works great on these.

holly-oval-trianglesRaNae: Proof that you are, indeed a “jane rabbit”!  🙂  Ladies, just so you know, these are some of the triangles for the oval above, bottom right.  From your words, Holly, it sounds as though you drafted these with Pinwheel spirals and are now sewing those overlapping triangles one at a time.  Next time let’s see if Nesting spirals can be used instead, which will save you time and partial seams!

Holly 4-8-09:  RaNae, I’ve been looking at the updates on the blog. Susan asked about connecting pinwheels and baravelles. I had started a sketch with a baravelle in the center, and drew two five sided shapes next to it. I’ve numbered the 5 sided shapes as 1,2,3 and 4.

Holly Baravelle pinwheel 2I drew number 2 first, added # 1 next. I didn’t think # 1 worked with the baravelle and # 2 well. So had quit. After reading Susan’s question tonight, I went back and added # 3 and 4, keeping them the same direction as # 2.

I’ve kept the last triangles of the baravelle the same color, so the blue flows under the pink to continue into the 5 sided spiral. I started that spoke in the middle of the line tho, don’t know if that is LEGAL in the spiral world???? Just curious. Don’t know if this is what Susan was asking or not.

Holly’s Progress, 5-3-09: Here’s a photo taken at the NYC workshop, of Holly’s oval mandala all assembled, background pinned on (using reverse applique) and the border begun.


Holly 5-12-09:  Here are pictures of the oval quilt with the binding and of the quilting on the oval.  [Click on the image for a larger view]

Holly oval finished Holly Oval quilting 2

RaNae:  TaDA!  Holly it turned out beautifully!  Can’t wait to see how you apply everything you learned on this one to Zebras!


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