Dottie:  I was one of the original Spiromanics.  We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, in RaNae’s first book, Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts, is my first spiral quilt.  I am ready and willing to get spiraling again!

Dottie 6-8-09:  Okay, here is what I have been playing with. Still not where I want it but I wanted your input. (I want it to be more off center, less wedges) Will it work?

Dottie mandala 3[Click on image for a larger view] I was wanting to get away from all the sameness that everyone else was experiencine. My thought process: Wanted it off centered; something spikey; easy to sew (less spirals); incorporate baravelle with nesting spiral; unusual wedge shape; unusual outside shape. I also want to try an uneven number of wedges, maybe 5 for a 5 pointed star. 7 looked kinda cool but the nesting spiral was all wrong. I started from the inside out with the baravelle but soon got frustrated because of controling the center of the nesting background spiral (how it met the baravelle in already in the center). Should I continue along this line or move on? Dottie

Dottie mandala 1RaNae:  [I spoke with Dottie on the phone this morning, and this is a summary of what we discussed.]  Dottie, the drawing above is problematic because the background spiral (black and white) doesn’t use the concept of a wedge that gets repeated to create a kaleidoscopic design for the mandala.  I understand that you want something different for the center of your mandala, and that you want an outside shape that isn’t the typical circle that most of the mandalas have.  Just remember that the quilts we are making for the book need to demonstrate the specific processes and procedures that the book is discussing.  The most basic of those processes and procedures is to work with wedges that join into a circle.  Symmetry — the repetition of the wedge — is also critical to the specific design process of the book.  That said, this second sketch without the background spiral has potential, because it does still have wedges.

My suggestion to you would be to treat the white triangles in this sketch as your wedges.  Each is a triangle, even though the triangles have different proportions.  I would divide each of these triangle/wedges into the same configuration of shapes, adjusted for the different proportion of each triangle/wedge.  Then set the spirals in the same positions and color them the same way in each wedge.  This way, you will have the symmetry of a repeated design in each wedge while still having the different proportions.

In order to make the wedges more unified, set the spirals at the adjoining edges so that they create what appear to be flow forms passing under the colored spikes coming from the spiral in the center.

I really like the idea of using black and white in the wedges, like you did with the background spiral in the first sketch.  If you decide to stick with black and white, you might want to consider using gradations of grey to give dimension to the black and white flow forms.

Dottie 6-9-09: I have been playing today. Redrew the baravelle to 5 sides, then drew the spikes, controled their length this time, the eight sided star some of the wedges were too small to spiral on a 8×10 page. 1st is the skeleton with the wedges highlighted in red, the wedge divisions in blue. I divided each wedge the same but only once. (this time) 2nd pic shows the spirals drawn in, 3rd is first coloring and 4th is 2nd coloring. If this will not work for you, I will move on to another concept.

Dottie L Super Nova Wedge divisions1  Dottie L Super Nova spiral lines1  Dottie L Super Nova 1st coloring1  Dottie L Super Nova 2nd coloring1   

RaNae:  Dottie, this is terrific.  What’s really remarkable about it is how simple it is (only two spirals per wedge, and one in the middle!), and yet still so striking.  Definitely go with this — your 2nd coloration.  And work in those gradations in the black and white.  You’re on your way.

Dottie: Susan and I had a good “What if ….? session yesterday afternoon we mostly worked on her design. The design she had when I left had promise. And she had mirrors, in fact 2 sets so she loaned me a pair. They made a huge difference. We loved it!!! She drew several (tons actually) wedge designs using the mirrors in less than 2 hours.

Dottie 12-14-09:  Well it is almost completed. Just waiting on amethyst bugle beads to arrive in the mail. Finding the right color for the purple has been a real challenge. I even looked all over Kansas City and found close but not good enough match. So came home and searched the net. After looking in KC I knew what colors to avoid and what to look for. Found them on Ebay but it is taking forever! ugh Maybe seems like forever cause I needed them yesterday. It took me at least 20 to 24 hours of playing with the crystals before I was happy with the placement. I love the tacky mylar. Hotfix Queen sells it by the running foot which worked out great for this project. I was able to arrange and change each motif and audition it on the quilt without having to worry about those little buggers going everywhere. I highly recommend using them if you use hotfix crystals. RaNae, I am hoping to get this finished up next weekend, if the cyrstals get here by then. Do you think I should wait until after Christmas to mail this or go ahead and mail it when it is finished? I have never mailed anything at this time of year before. hmmmmmmm Merry Christmas ladies. Dottie



27 Responses to “Designing Supernova

  1. Micki W in North Carolina Says:

    Your wedding quilt is stunning, Dottie. Best wishes on this year’s Hoffman Challenge – it will all be worth burning that midnight oil, I’m sure.

  2. Jim Hahn Says:

    Simply Astounding. I really like lone star and broken star quilts. Your wedding quilt is way, way beyond those patterns.

    • Dottie Lankard Says:

      Thank you all for your encouraging comments on the wedding quilt. As I stated, I cannot take credit for the design only the fabric choices, piecing and quilting. My daughter-in-law will not let me enter it in any quilt shows. She is afraid something will happen to it. ha ha like I wouldn’t take care of it! I had to borrow it this past summer so I could do trunkshows for area guilds and I thought I was going to have to sign something before I could get it off her bed!!!

      I am so excited to start on this new mandala adventure. I am looking forward to learning new things and seeing where creativity takes all of us. I am new to blogging so I’m a little overwhelmed by all the messages going back and forth. Hope this was the correct place to make these comments. Dottie

  3. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Ranae, do you have to put our little gravitar pic on instead of the quilt block? I have updated my gravitar (or do I need the Blavitar?) but it is not appearing? I went to support – but can’t seem to find the general tool bar where the settings are for me to change it there? I’m confused and spent way too much time on a trying to get a little pic instead of a block. I’m sure the answer is simply and right before my eyes and I hate it when that happens. I’ve downloaded the first set of instructions and have read them. Ready for the next step. Anxious to see how the sewing of curves in paper piecing works out. Dottie

  4. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Thanks RaNae for making that clearer regarding the “curves”. I thought that we would be spiraling in those curves so we could use straight piecing. Susan and I where talking about it at work today. Our brains are churning!! The inspiration page is awesome. Susan has a huge book her mom gave her that is nothing but mandalas you can copy and color. It’s HUGE!

    I gave up on the avitar, gravitar. I need to be mandaling!!! Dottie

  5. Dottie Lankard Says:

    RaNae, sorry to hear about Morgan being sick. And you as well. Take care of yourselves. We need you!! Spring break starts tomorrow so looking forward to drawing and finishing my Hoffman project. Dottie

  6. Dottie Lankard Says:

    RaNae, sorry to hear about Morgan being sick. And you as well. Take care of yourselves. We need you!! Spring break starts tomorrow so looking forward to drawing and finishing my Hoffman project.
    Mary Ann, thank you for all the helpful hints. I had found the graph paper sites during the last spiral project but I am now on an new computer and had lost it!!! Dottie

  7. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Mary Ann, Thank you for the directions on how to put a picture in for our gravatar. I have done all of that. My picture appears when I click on the gravatar to edit it. Why in the world is it not showing up on the blog? I chose “G” and have both my emails listed. I did this last weekend. I just went thru the whole process again before posting this message. Can you see it??

    When working online and want to see a set of instructions while working on another, I go to file, new TAB, then go to the website I want to work on. This will keep open the website on the first window with the instructions. I just Tab back and forth between the two. Save a tree. You can have several Tabs open at once. Dottie

  8. Mary Ann in Wisconsin Says:

    Hi, Dottie

    The problem may be with your dual email situation. Only one email (the main one associated with WordPress that allows you access to this blog) can be specified when you want the gravatar to appear here. And it must be the addie that is ALREADY associated with this blog. Your gravatar info has likely been put with the other addie.

    When you are already signed in for this blog, go to your dashboard. Try the process again up through going to the superimposed page titled “Change your Gravatar / Avatar”. On the bottom of that page, you’ll find one last paragraph: “But wait! There’s more…
    If you wish to use the advanced features of you may click here to do so now!”

    If you’ll click on the ‘click here’ you’ll get another page that will confirm your primary associated email address and what gravatars you have already successfully loaded to select from. Anything there yet? If what you want IS there and has an outline around it, you should be good to go and maybe is just slow in getting the info to WordPress.

    Also, did you originally have an avatar for the last Spiro blog? Gravatar allows you the option of using that. I checked the Spiromaniacs blog but couldn’t see you there anymore.

    Yes, tabs are great, Dottie, certainly I agree. I was glad when Internet Explorer came out with them in their IE7.

    The wedding quilt you made is stunning! Thanks for sharing. What a great way to met RaNae.

    Good luck on your Hoffman challenge.

    BTW, did you end up using any Cherrywood fabrics in part the wedding quilt? Their fabrics, especially the hand dyed colors on their suede look cottons, are scrumptious, aren’t they? If anyone is interested you can find Cherrywoods at:

  9. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Mary Ann, thanks for the info. I did not have a gravatar for Spirmaniacs blog, in fact I didn’t really participate in the 2nd round as I had been in the first go round. Plus I simply did not want to take the time to learn how to “blog” since my quilt was already done. Anyway, I went in and confirmed my email address again on the gravatar advanced page and this time on my account page my picture popped up so maybe 3rd times a charm. We shall see. I don’t see it yet on my page here.

    I didn’t use Cherrywood fabrics in the wedding quilt, those fabrics were all hand picked by me with the help of my then future and now present daughter in law. I have used Cherryood’s fabric, in fact I have some here now that I thought I might use on my Hoffman piece but they were too dull with it. 😦 They will just have to wait for the right project, who knows they my be in my mandala???!!! Thanks for the help Mary Ann. Dottie

  10. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Rats, it’s still not there. If you see it then maybe it is with my machine. hmmmmm:( Dottie

  11. Mary Ann in Wisconsin Says:

    This is very wierd, Dottie. Your avatar (your photo) WAS here earlier today and is gone now! How very, very odd. 😐

  12. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Found and interesting website while surfing for inspiration this evening.

  13. Jim Hahn Says:

    Thanks Dottie for that last drawing. Gives me great inspiration to go beyond what I had been thinking!

  14. Holly W Says:

    Dottie, I like your off center sketches. That’s where I got the idea for my ball. I didn’t mean to steal your idea, but I just had to make one.
    Good luck with this project. I’m trying different things with my sketches, but then some seem somewhat the same or boring like RaNae mentioned. It’s amazing what some turn out as. One looks like starfish at a square dance, Doe-si-doe. don’t know how to spell that today.

  15. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Has anyone used Wash Away foundation paper by Collins? I used it for the first time on my Hoffman project and love it. I have been able to unsew and resew it twice and it has held together. My question is, since some of my pieces are so small, and likely will be as well in my Mandala project, I plan to leave it in and wash it out after quilting. Has anyone out there had experience doing it this way? With my first spiral quilt, I use EQ printables, then removed it before quilting. My quilt was nice and flat when I took it to the quilter, but it tends to puff up in the center now. I had to wet it and iron it flat to shrink it back down. I think this was due to all that bias on tiny pieces and my quilter did some very close quilting in the center that distorted it. Anyway, I am wanting to avoid that this time by leaving the foundation in until after quilting. I chose Wash Away because it dissolves so quickly, and left no residue, at least not on the samples. dottie

  16. Susan O Says:

    Dottie, I used the Collins washaway a few years ago on a large bed quilt. I hated it but it may be that you would use it differently. I had soaked it after the top was together but before it was sandwiched and it left lint all over the quilt top. Perhaps this wouldn’t have happened if I had waited until after it was quilted to soak it. Or maybe they’ve changed the formula. I won’t use it again.

    Susan O

  17. Dottie Lankard Says:

    Susan O, thank you for your comment. In fact, my sample was soft and not stiff which is not the case with other washables I have tried. I did not notice any lint on my samples but think I will make a small project and quilt it then wash it to see if there is lint. If so, I will remove the paper before quilting on the Hoffman project. When you washed your top, did you stitch your edges to keep from raveling? I took a class from Linda McKuen last summer and she washes her quilts after quilting but BEFORE binding them, that way she can block them into the shape and size she wants while wet, she then lets it dry, trims if necessary then binds. (she stay stitches 1/8″ from edge then bastes muslin around the edge to protect from raveling) The Hoffman is kinda my guinea pig project for washable foundations and leaving it in to stabilize the top for quilting and washing it before binding it. Which in hindsight is probably risky as there are a zillion pieces in the Hoffman quilt and it took hours to sew. Sure hoping it works. Dottie

  18. Susan O Says:

    I ended up buying the foundation sheets from RaNae. The price was excellent and I’m very happy with the way they work. I haven’t tried ripping any of the paper away, but it looks like it will come out very easily. It goes through the printer nicely and the translucency is very nice to work with from either side.

    The Collins washaway I used felt a lot like paper and certainly looked like it when it got wet and shredded into the lint.

    Susan O

  19. Martha F Says:

    I have used George Siciliano’s Foundation Stuff with success. I can run it through my ink jet printer and have had no problems at all. I have only used it on miniatures, quilt size smaller than 14″ x 14″, so I don’t know if it would work on larger blocks. I have also washed and blocked it with no ill effects.
    Martha F in upstate NY

  20. Dottie Lankard Says:

    I had forgotten that George’s Foundation Stuff can be left in. I should give it a try. I hate removing the paper. That’s the only thing I hate about paper piecing, otherwise, I love it, precision piecing made easy. Dottie

  21. RaNae Says:

    From Holly: I’m using the Golden Threads Quilting paper. It has been able to handle lots of abuse. Pencils and erasers, sewing, unsewing, sewing, the torture of a hot iron, folding and unfolding many times. It is 24″ x 20 yds. I drew my final master template, and am tracing each shape. Of course it doesn’t work in the printer.

  22. purplepassion Says:

    Hi Dottie,
    Just have to tell you that I love, love, love your design! You are really on your way to an amazing quilt . . . can you come and help me?? I’m only in Calif., a nice place to visit and the weather is pretty good right now. I think you need a vacation!

  23. Susan O Says:

    Fabulous design Dottie. Love the gray gradations and the way the outer spirals come into the middle one.

    Susan O

  24. Holly W Says:

    Dottie, this is so unique, I love it.

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