Daniel here, fairly new to quilting and new to being a spriomanic , but excited to start!

RaNae 8-6-09: Daniel is here right now, sitting at my sewing machine, sewing the last border strip on his mandala.  He left the island yesterday and came over tonight to show me his mandala, and design and finish his borders.  His parameters: less than 1/2 yard left of most of his fabrics, and one night — tonight — to decide, cut and sew them.  He leaves NYC tomorrow to go home to Iowa and start a master’s program in digital fabric design.  He got permission to do an independent study course in quilting . . . guess we’ve got HIM hooked!

Okay, here it is, just finished:

Daniels quilt small

You can’t really see in this photo, but there are tan and green ginghams in the design.  Combined with the floral and a kind of paisly swirl in the red and brown fabrics, it has a very traditional feel to it.  We agreed that a simple, traditional border was the best — not only from a logistical point of view, but more importantly, for the design. 

Some of the flow form shapes happened by accident, when Daniel reversed the colors in on set of spirals by mistake.  A happy accident, though — the “bows” on each side weren’t planned, but ended up being better than the original design.


2 Responses to “Designing A Summer on Grant Island

  1. Holly W Says:

    Daniel, your mandala quilt is another unique design, and I love the colors also.

  2. Daniel L Says:

    I just want everyone to know this is only my second finished quilt, and first spiral quilt. I am so happy RaNae push me to do this quilt. I had so much fun and totally can’t wait to do another quilt very soon!

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