How to view the quilts

Each quilt has two pages: a picture-only page and a design-development page.

The speed-view: Click here to begin, then click on the “Next quilt” link in the upper right corner of each page.  This will jump you to the picture-only page of each quilt.  (They go in alphabetical order by the quilter’s first name.)

The in-depth view: On any picture-only page, click on the link that says “Click here to read more about designing [Quilt Title]”.  This will take you to the design-development page.  To return to the picture page, click the “Back” button on your browser .

The leap-frog: Click on any page listed in the column at right to go directly to that page.



One Response to “The Quilts

  1. Mary Adams Says:

    After watching your video I can’t wait to take the upcoming class. Mary Adams

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