A seam roller is one of my favorite tools.  It lets me press right at the sewing machine and I never have to wait for it to heat up (like my iron), so it speeds up my sewing a lot.  It’s also a “green” way to save the environment and save money on my electric bill.

To purchase a seam roller and my other favorite tools, click here, or go to www.ranaemerrillquilts.com and click “STORE”.

Here’s how to properly hold your seam roller:

YES:   Hold the seam roller with your fist, with the handle straight up-and-down. This reduces pressure on your wrist and keeps the joint between the handle and the head of the seam roller from loosening. Your arm is in an ergonomically correct position and the weight of your arm provides most of the pressure without having to press down very hard.

NO:   Holding the seam roller at an angle will, over time, cause the joint between the handle and the head to loosen.  You have to press harder to get a sharp crease, putting pressure on your wrist, and this might cause you to develop wrist pain.


3 Responses to “Using a Seam Roller”

  1. susan charles Says:

    Thanks for sending the info…..I saw you using this on the Alex Anderson show and it made all the sense in the world! And I have ordered it along with the mirror.

  2. I have been on your website for the last 3 days and for 4 days before holidays. I am totaly hooked on sprial quilting. I found your website because I was trying to find out what the difference between star quilts and kaliedoscope quilts. I do think your quilts are far more interesting. Can’t wait to get the books and get started. Thanks you for all info on your website, Louise

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