Dreamcatcher is the quilt I designed for The Dreamcatcher Project.  It is based on the techniques in my book Magnificent Spiral Mandala Quilts.

A mandala is a work of art to focus your mind on something that you want to incorporate into or change in your life.  Many people believe making a mandala is a form of meditation or prayer.

As quilters, we know that the time we spend quilting can be very meditative as well, a time to relax, reflect and focus.

The Dreamcatcher Project combines making a quilt with achieving a goal that you set.  At the beginning of the project you’ll set a goal (or goals) and then you’ll use your quilting time to reflect on that goal and focus on achieving it.

The quilt is a 6-month block-of-the-month project.  If you purchased a fabric kit, in Month 1 you received all the fabric for the project and the first month’s instructions.  After that, each month’s page for 5 more months you contains templates and instructions for one segment.  At the end of the 6-month project, you’ll have a pieced quilt top and hopefully will have reached your goal.

If you have already purchased the pattern, look in the right hand column under Patterns and look for Dreamcatcher (which is the page you are on right now), then click on the individual months below that title.  Or, use the links below to access the individual months’ pages.  You will need to enter the password that comes with the kit in order to open each page.

Month 1    Month 2    Month 3    Month 4    Month 5    Month 6

To purchase the kit or pattern click here or go to http://www.ranaemerrillquilts.com and click “STORE”.  You can buy either the kit or the pattern to join.  Registration, however, is limited.  (And you do not have to join the goal-setting part of the project if you do not want to.)
Kit includes: All fabric as shown for top, background, borders and binding; foundation material; instructions and templates for quilt top, plus six-month Block-of-the Month pattern series.
Pattern includes: Templates and instructions.  Please note that the kit is delivered as a downloadable PDF file.  No printed pattern will be sent to you.
Finished size: 46″ square, (center circle is 30″ in diameter)
Colors available: As shown


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