And she’s off!

February 18, 2014

Well, today I finally set off on my five- or six-month trip quilting and teaching (and a few other things) side-to-side and up-and-down across North America and South America.  Thanks to last week’s ice storm in Atlanta that turned into a blizzard in New York, I missed my sister’s wedding on Valentine’s Day and set out four days late.  Four days it turned out I really needed.  I rented my apartment while I’m gone, so I’m officially homeless!

Tonight I arrived in Winter Park, Colorado where a few weeks ago I did the first test workshop of the new book I’m working on.  (Still under wraps, but stay tuned.  I’m shooting for and October launch.)  When I walked in the front door of my friend Betsy’s house, there hanging over the light switch was the wall hanging she started at the workshop — all finished.  It looks great!  [Photo to follow]

Next stop: San Rafael, CA.



One Response to “And she’s off!”

  1. Sharon Powless Says:

    You have a great time!

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