Barr Crutcher Staircase

January 7, 2014

BarrCrutcherStaircase Tile Staircase

Check this out next time you visit the Bay Area.  It is Barr Crutcher Staircase, located at 16th and Morago in San Francisco.  Read more about it (there are also more photos) here:  (Some sections contain spirals . . .)

Can you imagine doing something like this as a fabric mosaic from your leftover scraps?


Notes from my friends Jamie “Purple Passion” M. and Anita M.:

Jamie: At Moraga, just off of 19th Ave. . . . trust me, 16th is a long and winding way that isn’t close. Go to Moraga and 19th Ave, then up to 16th. Great place!

Anita: Jamie knows what she is talking about. We spent 2 hours looking for these steps. Ha!!


One Response to “Barr Crutcher Staircase”

  1. Sharon Powless Says:

    Cool! Nice perspective too. I think if stars were done in mastic like that less exercise would be done and more coping of the stairs!

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