Mandalas from Australia!

December 9, 2013

Spiros, many of you might have seen this mandala quilt from Mavis Abbey of Adelaide, Australia featured on The Quilt Show‘s “Quilt of the Day” on December 3, 2013.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Mavis Abbey mandala 2

(I just recognized the border fabric in this — it’s from a peacock themed collection of fabrics that Benartex produced in 2011.  I know this because I used this fabric (actually, the whole collection) in a quilt I made for my niece.)

But as they say in TV infomercials — “Wait, there’s more!”  Mavis made a second mandala quilt with the same wedge, but this wedge is a 1/8-circle instead of the 1/10-circle in the mandala above.  The colors in this one give is a soft, feminine feeling.

Mavis Abbey mandala 1

In both quilts, I love how Mavis placed a bit of printed fabric in the centers of the certain spirals to inject some energy and visual rhythm.   And, her careful use of gradations gives both designs a strong three dimensional feel.

Here’s what Mavis wrote to me about her quilts: “The one with the black background is called Moroccan Mandala and the one with the green background is called Starburst. I was pleased when Moroccan Mandala was featured as “Quilt of the Day” on the Quilt Show website on Dec 3rd. I loved making them, especially seeing what emerges with the interlocking patterns. I used only nesting spirals in these quilts but I am going to be a bit more adventurous next time around. I enjoyed reading your books and find your instructions easy to follow. I am inspired by the work that you do.  Regards, Mavis Abbey.”

And we are inspired by what you do, Mavis.  Thank you for sharing.

RaNae  🙂



One Response to “Mandalas from Australia!”

  1. Sharon Powless Says:

    My gosh! Every one is more beautiful than the one before!

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