A new take on wedding quilts

November 13, 2013

Hello Spiros —

Now that I’m back home for a while, the creative juices are really flowing again and I’m loving it!  I have three weddings coming up on the horizon in the next six months, so wedding quilts have been on my mind.

Tonight as I was fondling and rearranging my stash, it occurred to me that there are a number of problems with wedding quilts:

1: They are often all about the bride — not much about the groom

2: They are often so “heirloomy” and “special” that they don’t get used.

3: They are BIG, so they don’t get used except on the couple’s bed.  AND, if the quilt doesn’t suit their décor in style or color it can easily end up in a closet or guest room somewhere.  Such a shame . . .

4: Because of that bigness and heirloominess, they can be expensive and VERY time-consuming to make — which seems a particular shame if the quilt doesn’t get used all that much.

And then it hit me: instead of one big extra-special quilt that might not get enjoyed all that much, why not make his and hers couch quilts?  Two quilts, each small enough to be used regularly.  Make them in a style that doesn’t intimidate the user.  They’re easier to make and quilt because they’re smaller.  The groom feels as included as the bride.  Yes, they may wear out in time, but until then they’ll be used and loved much more than a special quilt sitting in a closet.

And by the way, my sister and brother-in-law discovered while they lived in Germany that the practice there is for each person in that two-person bed to have his/her own covers so there’s no cover-stealing in the middle of the night.  So, you could still use two matching quilts as a pair on one bed.

Think about it . . .

Now, back to my stash and my sewing machine!

RaNae 🙂




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