The Turibus Guy Who Could – and Did

June 18, 2013

This post doesn’t have much to do with quilting, directly, but it’s on my mind and seems worth sharing.  Maybe a quilting moral to the story will pop into my mind as I write.

I went to Teotihuacan to see the ancient pyramids today.  It was 5:00 when I got back, so rather than immediately go back to where I’m staying I decided to take a couple of hours to do a bit more looking around the city (Mexico City, that is).  A cab back to my lodgings would cost about 140 pesos from where I was; the TuriBus would cost the same — but would take me to a neighborhood I wanted to explore a bit on foot and then I could hop back on to get home.  So I took the TuriBus and went exploring.

A couple of hours later I arrived on foot at the TuriBus stop where I could catch it back home. The TuriBus guy at the stop said that the one I needed had just passed 10 minutes earlier and it would be 30-50 minutes until the next one came. I waited.  And waited.  AND waited.  An hour passed.  A bus for the other route came and left — and all the other people AND the TuriBus employee left with it without saying anything, leaving me all alone.  A few more people came along waiting for the bus I was waiting for.  Along came another bus for the other route.  Now it’s 8:00 and even if our bus shows up (turns out it got stuck in rush hour traffic), it won’t make it to any of our stops before it goes out of service.  So basically, we’re screwed.

Except that the TuriBus employee on this bus went above and beyond.  He realized we were all stranded and didn’t know the city well enough to know how to use the bus system.  So, he loaded us all onto his bus and drove us in the TuriBus to the nearest MetroBus stop.  Then he got off the bus with us and used his own personal bus pass to put each and every one of us on the correct bus and told us which was the stop closest to where we needed to go.  He even marked my map for me so I would know how to walk from the bus stop to where I was staying.  I got home easily in about 40 minutes — less time than it would have taken had I actually been able to take the TuriBus, and for 6 pesos instead of about 200 it would have cost from that point in a taxi.

I guess you could say he had a quilter’s spirit — he saw what needed to be done and gave of himself to do it, something I’ve seen so many quilters do with charity quilts, Quilts of Valor, premie hats and in so many other ways.  It was really wonderful to be on the receiving end of such a caring and practical act of kindness today.


P.S. I realize I haven’t been posting much from this trip — I have LOTS of photos but the international data roaming charges are so high, I’ve been waiting to post until I get home in a couple of days.  There will be lots to share then, so stay tuned!


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