Quilting “Elizabeth” – Day 2

May 3, 2013

I was going to do all this batting removal as handwork while I ride the subway, but I just couldn’t wait — I wanted to do some more quilting this morning.  So I went ahead and clipped away the excess wool batting that I stitched in yesterday for the trapunto.  Be sure to do this with curved-point scissors and be really careful not to cut the quilt top!


For the overall batting I want to test three different battings, so here they are.  The one on the right is the same wool I used for the trapunto.  On the left is Dream Angel — the thicker one. The one on the top is Dream Angel — the thinner one.  (I can never remember whether it is “Select” or “Request”.  Why don’t they just say “thick” or “thin” and stop confusing us?)


Here’s the backing layered over the battings.


Here’s the front — all pinned up and ready to sew.  I used a grey watercolor pencil to show where the different battings are and to write in the type.


I quilted with Superior Threads’ Kimono silk thread in color 304, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Here’s how it looks with the water-soluble thread still in:

Elizabeth quilted, water-soluble thread still in

I just had to see how it looked with the water soluble thread gone, so I used a wet sponge to soak it away.  Here’s the result.  There’s a small area on the left where I quickly did a little bit of rough shadow quilting in order to get a sense of the difference in height between the trapunto areas and what will be the flat, quilted areas.  The trapunto is pretty poofy with the double wool batting.  Tomorrow I’ll see how it looks with the Dream Angel.  Gotta go for now!

Elizabeth test, soluble thread removed


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