Who knew yoghurt was this easy to make?

May 2, 2013

greek yoghurtSpiros, the other day I stumbled across this video about how to make Greek yoghurt and decided to try it. It worked PERFECTLY — ridiculously easy to make and about half the cost of buying it at the store.   Plus you don’t dump all those plastic yoghurt containers in a landfill.


A couple of tips — don’t strain it too long or it gets stiff like cream cheese.  If it does go too far, you can stir back in some of the whey that drained off.

Also, I found that beating it with a mixer makes it creamier.  You can beat in some fruit to make a fruit-added yoghurt just like you buy in the store.  Try bananas, bananas & peanut utter, peaches, or whatever is ripe and handy.  If you feel it needs sweetening, add a little bit of brown sugar,  or honey.   YUM!!!

A couple of notes:

I just warmed the milk, didn’t boil then cool it.

To strain, I used two layers of kitchen towel in a colander (wash and re-use them, one less thing to dump in that landfill).

Start at breakfast: Warm the milk while you’re preparing breakfast.  Cook soft- or hard-boiled eggs, or heat water for coffee or tea, then use that boiling water to rinse the jar where you’re going to put the warmed milk.  Prepare the milk/yoghurt mixture as shown in the video, then leave it until you come home.  While you’re preparing dinner, put the yoghurt in the strainer.  By the time you have finished the dishes it’s done.  Put in the fridge and Voila! the next morning you have your own fresh, homemade greek yoghurt waiting for you.

(Here’s a trick for keeping the yoghurt warm: I put it in the oven with no heat — just the light on.  The light is just enough to keep the temperature about 80 degrees in the oven.  This is also how I keep my sourdough culture warm when I feed it, and bread dough warm when it is rising.  BE SURE TO PUT A NOTE ON THE SWITCH THAT TURNS ON THE OVEN to remind yourself that the stuff is in there, so you don’t turn on the oven and kill the culture, or set something on fire.)

For creamier yoghurt, beat it with a mixer.  Mix in bananas or fruit jam for fruit yoghurt.

Remember to save the last 1/4 cup of yoghurt to start the next batch.

A half gallon of milk makes about 2 cups of yoghurt.  That’s about half the cost of buying it.


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