Empty Spools, Day 4

April 6, 2013

Today, with one wedge of the mandala finished, we used mirrors to audition borders!  We are having SO much fun I don’t want to go home!  I’m so glad to know I’ll be back next year.  Come join me, February 23-28, 2014!   http://www.emptyspoolsseminars.com/index.html


Kathy H found that adding a squared-off edge with her darkest fabric highlighted similar shapes in that color within the mandala.


Judy G’s Japan-themed mandala used a cherry-blossom background and a few fussy-cut cherry blossom motifs in the mandala:


Vicki H’s – she might leave off the #5 spiral blocks to do a square, and maybe use them in the corners of the border instead.


Dee L – she sat next to Kathy, and by coincidence they used the same color palate — but with quite different results!  Dees says it reminds her of her garden in spring.


Susan H designed her own mandala — we started calling this the “Margaritaville Mandala”!


Spiral block #1 of Cubby W’s mandala — we discovered that a fussy-cut touch of detail from the background fabric made it come alive.


Jo ‘s mandala — though only 2 blocks are joined up here, she got a sense of how the polka-dot fabric from the mandala might create an “asteroid belt” in the background . . .



One Response to “Empty Spools, Day 4”

  1. Sharon Powless Says:

    So Impressive. Absolutely amazing!!

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