Peacock Power and an invitation

February 4, 2013

Spiros, this quilt is not a spiral in any way, in fact, it’s not even my pattern (it’s Grand Central from Swirly Girls via Timeless Treasures), but I want to share it as part of my invitation to a free workshop (click here to read about the workshop). I started this quilt at my Fire Island workshop last year, and will be teaching another one this year. (Read more about this quilt on the Spiromaniacs Blog.)

Peacock Power

And by the way, I quilted it on my Bernina 830, with Kimono Silk thread from Superior Threads. Here’s someothing I learned: if you want your quilting to stand out more, but have the thread still blend into the background, use a thread that is a slightly lighter value than the background, but a different color.  Here, I used Samurai blue over black. My only other threads were a gold that I used to quilt over the gold outlining of the designs, and a black that I used when I wanted to hide quilting completely (both also Kimono Silk from Superior).

Peacock Power detail 1 Peacock Power detail 2


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