Advent Cleaning

November 26, 2012

Today I thought of an Advent calendar, how you open one window each day to discover what’s inside. Well, what if instead of a window, I open one box or drawer or closet door in my house each day and bring into the present whatever is inside? This can mean organizing it, or getting rid of things I don’t need any more (donating, gifting, recycling, discarding).

By taking one drawer or closet or box each day, I go through pretty much the whole apartment in a month, breaking the task down into manageable-sized tasks (let’s say 1 hour, but no more than 2). It’s 25 days until December 21st, the day I leave to go on my Christmas ski trip. So, today I’m making a list of places I’m going to clean out, and will do one.

Who’s with me?


4 Responses to “Advent Cleaning”

  1. MaryAnne Christensen Girouard Says:

    RaNae, I’d love to say yes but I have a spiral mandala to finish by Dec 20th !!!…. plus I recently did a lot of that type of cleaning and now I’m free to put the time into quilting 🙂 MaryAnne, Guelph Ontario Canada

  2. sharon powless Says:

    I will try. I have lots of sewing to do between now and then though. My problem isn’t really behind drawers or doors though. The stuff I need to be concerned with is all out in the open. The papers on the table and all my sewing stuff! I am able to keep my drawers in order, just not my front!! LOL sharon Powless

  3. Carla Rouse Says:

    I love the idea. I just switched rooms with my husband, his office loft space for the second bedroom. This will be an excellent time to do this, as I reorganize my things in my sewing room. Thanks Ranae. May you be blessed this Christmas season and have a great ski trip.

  4. This is a great idea but like MaryAnn I have to finish a couple of quilting gifts before Christmas. This is how I will start my year on January 1 and for the whole month. It will leave my house clean and fresh for when we leave on holidays. Love this idea. Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year as well.

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