Easy-threading needles

June 26, 2012

For competition-quality machine quilting you must tie off your thread ends and bury them at the beginning and end of every run of stitching.  This week I discovered a way to make this task much easier and faster – easy-threading needles. 

Easy-threading needles have a “V” with a narrow opening at the bottom on the blunt end of the needle.  Instead of threading the ends of the thread through a closed eye, you simply lay the thread in the “V”, then pull down to pop it past the opening and into the eye. (They also have a closed eye for threading the normal way, if you want to.) When you are dealing with the bulk of a quilt on the other end of your thread, and often have it in a sewing machine, this method of threading the needle is SOOOOO much easier.  And, it completely eliminates the need for a needle threader.

My easy-threading needles are made by John James.  A quick Google search also turned up easy-threading needles by Dritz, and another type I have never seen or tried before, called One-Second Needle self-threading needles.

Try, them, you’ll like them!   — RaNae 🙂


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