Tough Love for Business Owners

February 1, 2012

For anyone of you who, like me, owns their own business, I want to share this excerpt from an article in New York Magazine, January 16-23, 2012 entitled The Political Handler…. 

I’ve substituted a couple of words like “marketing” for “fundraising”, “business” for “campaign”, “owner” for “candidate” and “you” for “them”.  You get the idea.  Just in case you think it’s going to be easy . . . .

“No matter what you’re doing in [your business], if you’re not paying attention to the [marketing], you’re in trouble.  The cold, hard fact is a lot of the [owner’s] day is eaten up with [marketing]. Every single [owner] will say at the beginning of the [business] that they’re fully committed to spending five or six hours a day [working on marketing]. But once you get into the [business], most of [you] will find a way to get that down to two hours.  There’s always a bright shiny object to distract [you].  [You’d] rather tweak the language in an e-mail than do call time.  To get them to do it, you just beat the s— out of them.” 


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