A new use for sewing machine needles

January 16, 2012

Spiros, yesterday a friend asked me to show him how to sew a button back onto a pair of pants. 

(I was happy to do so, being that I think men should be able to take care of themselves, not expect us women to stop our quilting to take care of petty things like mending!  A while back a rather well-known quilting friend of mine told me that her sister-in-law had asked her to take up a pair of pants, since she sews.  She didn’t want to do it — “I’m an artist,” she said, “not a dry cleaning tailor” (or something to that effect) — so not wanting to offend the sister-in-law, she said yes, then dropped off the pants at her local dry cleaner and paid them to do the job.)  Anyway, back to the topic…

Since he was sewing the button onto a waistband, my friend pointed out that there needed to be some space behind the button to accomodate the thickness of the waistband.  I told him he was absolutely right, and looked around for something to put behind the button.  Usually I use a safety pin or a bamboo skewer, but you can accidentally sew a safety pin in, and in this case the skewer was too thick.  (Besides, neither of those tools stays in place very well, and I didn’t want him to get discouraged over this and shy away from doing it in the future.)  And that’s when I noticed a package of sewing machine needles.  PERFECT!  I stuck the sharp end into the fabric a bit below where the button belonged, so that the thick part of the needle sat right under the button.  It stayed in place, it spaced the button, it came out easily when he was done sewing, and the button had exactly the right amount of space behind it.

And that’s my first sewing tip for 2012.  Happy new year!  Happy quilting!

RaNae 🙂
RaNae Merrill Quilt Design


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