A triple dose of trouble

August 31, 2011

Spiros, next time you’re having a bad day, remember this email I received from my mother just now.  Have a great day, no matter what!

Wednesday August 20, 2011 – A triple dose of trouble

This was a very interesting day. Jacob’s [my nephew, mom’s grandson] physics class was doing a project at Rainbow Lake. Each class member had to build a boat out of cardboard and tape that is all. Jacob asked Grandpa to take his boat to the lake in his truck so he stayed to watch the action. The kids jumped inside their boats and rode around the lake until they sank. Jacob is quite a know it all and did not want any help so he built what he thought was a wonderful boat. Well it was one of the first to sink. The kids all learned some good lessons from the project.

I stayed home because I was waiting for the delivery of a new washer to replace the new one we bought in January. That one was one of the new environmentally friendly machines that use hardly any water. The only problem is that it hardly gets the clothes wet and hardly washes them. I had been scrubbing out dirt on top of the washer either before or after the washer didn’t do its job.

The very nice friendly young delivery man installed the washer and told me to run a clothes-free load. He noted that it filled properly and the agitator worked. I was happy the clothes were covered in water. After he left the machine started to spin and what a racket it made as it hopped around the laundry room. I thought it might be noisy and bouncy because it had no clothes to balance the spin.

I loaded the machine and set it for the first real operation. I wanted to watch the washer do its full cycle so I put a magnet on the sensor and left the lid open. While I was watching the clothes being washed. I decided to polish my brown shoes and since Charlie [my dad] and I had unpleasant words that morning I would polish his brown shoes and cowboy boots also. I set up operations on the dryer next to the washer. When the machine began its loud and boisterous slamming around, the tub of shoe polish, that was all broken up in small pieces, dived into the spinning washer. Of course all the pieces spewed out into the hot spinning clothes. Shoe polish landed on white shirts, underwear and many other white and light colored articles of clothing. Now not only did I have an unruly washer but I had a washer full of brown shoe polish melted into a load of white clothes. I tried every kind of cleaner, soap, stain remover and bleach I had in the house. Some fabric s let go of stains better than others. I got Charlie’s clothes pretty clean. He is very fussy about his clothes. At least he didn’t notice anything. As I was putting away my clothes I noticed one pair of underwear I missed in the heavy duty cleaning. More bleach did a pretty good job. I hope I will not find any more surprises when I try to wear something. Most of all I hope Charlie won’t find anything especially on his white shirts.

I continued on to the rinse cycle when Barbara [my sister] came in and heard the obnoxious washer and thought it needed to be leveled so she adjusted one leg but the noise and gyrations did not stop. I got down on the floor and noticed something from the washer was pounding into the dryer next to it. I pulled out the washer and saw a large glued on sign that read “Remove shipping rod”.  After I pulled it out the machine worked very quietly and peacefully. Thank goodness that problem was solved.

I retrieved some good size lumps of shoe polish and decided I would melt them back into the metal tin to use later. I set the tin on the smallest burner and the smallest gas flame and went out to check the washer. In the meantime Bridget [another granddaughter – one of the youngest] came over to see me. She came running into the laundry room shouting the stove was on fire. In the kitchen large flames were leaping up from the shoe polish to the microwave. At first I was in shock and started scurrying about trying to decide what to do for a grease fire as the flames continued to increase their fury. I thought of water but I knew that was not good but I was desperate so I poured some into theshoe  polish tin. I finally set a pan lid over the shoe polish tin but it was not tight enough to eliminate the air. I think it just burned itself out.

Now on top of the trauma of a wild washer in my house and the resulting shoe polish disaster I had a fire to clean up. Thankfully it didn’t cause any damage and not a huge mess but I did have to scrape the left over shoe polish off the counter top and stove and wash up the rest plus I had to clean up the greasy smoke. What a way to spend a few hours in what could have been a perfect day.


One Response to “A triple dose of trouble”

  1. mardicar Says:

    What an amazing day. No time to get bored. That makes my third attempt to get a pentagon spiral piece right (color problem) seem like a non-issue. Tomorrow is the charm.

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